The shock top rubber is the last shock absorber, and it helps the spring dampen the shock while it is working. When the spring is pressed to the bottom, we will feel a relatively strong impact from the wheel. When the shock absorber is still good, the impact sound is "bang", and when the shock absorber fails, the impact sound is "dangdang", and the impact force is very strong. Large, it will not only cause damage to the shock absorber, but also may cause deformation of the hub.


The interaction between the molecules of the top rubber of the shock absorber will hinder the movement of the molecular chain, and it has the characteristics of viscosity, so that the stress and strain are often in an unbalanced state. The curly long-chain molecular structure of rubber and the weak secondary force between molecules make the rubber material exhibit unique viscoelastic properties, so it has good shock absorption, sound insulation and cushioning properties. Automotive rubber parts are widely used to isolate vibration and absorb shock because of their hysteresis, damping and reversible large deformation characteristics. In addition, rubber also has hysteresis and internal friction characteristics, which are usually expressed by loss factor. The larger the loss factor, the more obvious the damping and heat generation of the rubber, and the more obvious the shock absorption effect.


The rubber shock absorber plays an important role in some of the shock absorption and buffering of the car, and is an important rubber part of the car. Shute Rubber reminds that the shock-absorbing rubber products for cars mainly include rubber springs, rubber air springs, engine suspension shock absorber top rubber, rubber cone shock absorbers, plug-shaped rubber shock absorbers and various shock-proof rubber pads, etc. , respectively used for engine and transmission system, front and rear suspension system, body and exhaust system, etc., its structure is mainly a composite product of rubber and metal plate, and there are also pure rubber parts. From the perspective of foreign development trends, shock absorbers for cars have always shown an increasing trend. In order to improve ride comfort, the damping rubber has been developed in both quantity and quality, and each car has used damping rubber parts at 50 to 60 points. After entering the 21st century, the safety, comfort and convenience of cars have become the primary concerns of users. Although the production of cars has not increased much, the amount of shock-absorbing rubber is still increasing.


The strength of the shock absorber top glue proves that even the smallest object will play an irreplaceable role. When we encountered potholes while driving, the rubber springs played a big role, which ensured that we kept our balance on the uneven road and continued to drive. There are also shock pads for key components that can withstand the pressure on the part.


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