If your car makes a loud noise when passing through potholes, be careful. The rubber on the shock absorber may be broken. The suspension part lacks the cushioning effect of top glue, and there is a fierce collision between metals, so it will make a "clatter" sound. Here's how to judge the top glue failure:


1. Tire noise increases. The roar of tires can be heard in severe cases.


2. Poor comfort. When passing the deceleration belt or pothole Road, you can hear a "bang", accompanied by a sense of impact directly to the body, which is very stiff and uncomfortable.


3. Deviation when driving in a straight line. The steering wheel keeps the same angle, but the vehicle can't keep driving in a straight line. It will always deviate automatically.


4. Turn the steering wheel in place to make a "squeak" sound. The top glue loses elasticity due to aging and is squeezed.


The function of shock absorber is to restrain the shock of spring rebound after shock absorption and absorb the energy of road impact. The spring plays the role of mitigating the impact, changing "one-time impact with large energy" into "multiple impact with small energy", and the shock absorber is to gradually reduce the "multiple impact with small energy". When there is something wrong with the shock absorber, the passenger experience is very bad. The impact of any uneven road surface will be directly transmitted to the passengers' body. Moreover, the deviation of driving also seriously threatens the safety of passengers, so we should choose high-quality shock absorber top glue. If there is a fault of shock absorber, we must repair it in time.


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